Learn How Your Team Can Win Long Enough To Be Labeled A Dynasty

Having consulted and mentored leaders of top Fortune 500 companies and numerous sports teams that have gone on to win multiple national championships, author Jack Stark (of Omaha Nebraska) well understands what it takes to build a dynasty–a team that produces consistently extraordinary results and is the dominant entity in its field.

In The Championship Formula, Stark, a clinical psychologist, condenses what he’s learned over his long career into the 4P formula: people + personality + process + purpose = success. Getting these elements in place is the biggest challenge leaders face, and Stark guides them through the processes of both building and maintaining a winning team…  Read More


Showing his winning formula at work, Author Jack A. Stark, PhD. of Omaha Nebraska, draws readers into the inner circles of the championship NASCAR team for whom he’s been team psychologist for the last seventeen years and the Nebraska Huskers’ three-championship dynasty of the 1990s, with 22 National Championships altogether. Jack also gets up close and personal with the consistently successful leadership at top F-500 companies. Written in straightforward no-nonsense language, The Championship Formula can help any organization consistently achieve extraordinary results.  Read More…


Jack Stark was and is one of the most respected practitioners and pioneers in sports psychology. – Bill Polian, Former Vice Chairman, Indianapolis Colts

Mosaic is humbled that Dr. Jack Stark has chosen to donate his proceeds from sales of The Championship Formula to Mosaic,” said Linda Timmons, Mosaic President and Chief Executive Officer. “We are sincerely grateful for his continued support of our mission.”

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